Vin Expo Hong Kong
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Vin Expo Hong Kong, the 7th edition of the Hong Kong Vin Expo was held from the 24 to the 26 May: Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes was present there with Li Lijuan, director of their China desk.

Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes, a specialist in vineyard transactions in the Bordeaux region and exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, was represented by their Chinese agent Li Lijuan who had the opportunity to conduct a seminar in association with Landscope (Christie’s International Real Estate Hong Kong) and Berry Bros. & Rudd, titled: Invest in a vineyard in expo hong kong Jack Ma, Chinese billionaire and owner of the Alibaba Group, came to buy the Château de Sours in early 2016 and more recently Chateau Pérenne near Blaye. These purchases were seen as a very positive indicator by Chinese investors. Many believe that this investment would have impacted the Chinese wine market and reduce preconceptions on investment for vineyards. Chinese investors have followed the step of the billionaire and are currently well received by owners knowing that the Bordeaux region was in need of such investors.

A total of nine castles were sold by Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes since the beginning of 2016, representing an increase of 50% compared to last year at this expo hong kong
The beginning of the year was marked by the sale of Château Rousseau de Sipian in Valeyrac, Medoc AOC to Micronesia Holding Co. Ltd, an investment company headquartered in Hong Kong. Other transactions with Chinese customers are in negociation and could inflate the final results of this year 2016 which promises to be more than productive. Chinese companies looking to invest in France would get a return on investment not always emphasized by the accounting choice of the owners. Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes always takes the time to explain and educate foreign buyers about the French market. This is an opportunity to share their expertise and to build relationships and trust with its Chinese customers always eagerly looking for information and opportunities.