The most significant thing to happen to Bordeaux and arguably to the world wine industry in the last few decades is the arrival of the Chinese as major consumers of wine. Read More
上次在发表了《为什么选择投资波尔多酒庄》这篇文章之后,陆续接到很多对酒庄投资收购有兴趣的朋友的邮件。有一位叫Luc的先生问到这样一个问题:“酒庄收购是很容易的,只要有钱,我卖了香港的一套别墅就可以在波尔多买个酒庄了。问题是我一个中国人跑到法国去买酒庄,语言不通,当地法律不懂,隔行如隔山的庄园管理问题又怎么解决?听说一些中国人过来买酒庄亏本经营,如果运营不好,拿在手里就是一个烫手的山芋,以后要想转卖又怎么办呢?” Read More
On March 8th Karin and Michael gave an interview to a crew for France 3 – the French television network who were doing a documentary on the French vineyard market. This is the second TV interview we have given in recent weeks but the focus of this interview was the current interest that Bordeaux is receiving from the international market and in particular the Chinese. The crew wanted to see a “typical” product that attracts the international investors. We took them to Chateau Quercy, St Emilion Grand Cru for which Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes had the exclusive mandate for sale. The property sold this year to a Chinese buyer. Read More