The Dordogne has an undeniable richness of architecture, landscape, culture and renowned reputation as the Read More
If you have become familiar with the various terms to describe the different styles of French luxury properties, including the renowned ‘French chateau’, ‘maison de maître’, and ‘manoir’ you will most likely have encountered the term ‘chartreuse’. Read More
This post is an effort to look at some of the main questions that arise when buying a Bordeaux vineyard. The vineyard lifestyle is one of the most enviable qualities of life available today. There are a wide range of vineyards for sale in Bordeaux in fact the majority are made up of vineyards that are not the famous household names. A Bordeaux vineyard can be purchased for under a million Euros and of course the prices can rise to levels that position Bordeaux vineyards as some of the most exclusive and expensive real estate in the world today. But the purchase of a vineyard is nothing like the purchase of a house. Credible and expert advice is essential – it can make all the difference between an expensive mistake and a well informed decision that leads to fulfilling a dream vineyard lifestyle. Read More