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继前段时间被炒的沸沸扬扬中国企业用公款买酒庄的事情,波尔多的酒庄收购又被推到来一个风头浪口。迄今为止,中国企业与私人在波尔多已经收购了94家酒庄,占实际波尔多6150家酒庄(这个数据是指带葡萄园,生产车间及城堡区的酒庄)的2%不到。 Read More
This post is an effort to look at some of the main questions that arise when buying a Bordeaux vineyard. The vineyard lifestyle is one of the most enviable qualities of life available today. There are a wide range of vineyards for sale in Bordeaux in fact the majority are made up of vineyards that are not the famous household names. A Bordeaux vineyard can be purchased for under a million Euros and of course the prices can rise to levels that position Bordeaux vineyards as some of the most exclusive and expensive real estate in the world today. But the purchase of a vineyard is nothing like the purchase of a house. Credible and expert advice is essential – it can make all the difference between an expensive mistake and a well informed decision that leads to fulfilling a dream vineyard lifestyle. Read More
经常看到新闻上讲富豪们斥资上千万或者上亿人民币购买葡萄酒庄,很多人不禁要问买酒庄这么新兴的投资项目为什么现在这么火热,今天我们就来聊聊波尔多酒庄投资为什么那么吸引人。 Read More
When buying residential property in another country there are many aspects in the buying process which will be different to what you are used to in your domestic market. Securing Finance for a property acquisition in France is one such area where the process and products may be different. (Vineyard financing is viewed as a commercial loan and will be treated differently to residential loans but please contact us for more information on this subject) Read More
With a wine history as long as Bordeaux’s there are a wide variety of architectural styles and influences. Vineyards evoke a feeling of grandeur and French lifestyle “par excellence” but for most of the 2000 year history of Bordeaux,vineyards Read More
For those serious about buying a vineyard our Essential Tips when Buying a Bordeaux Vineyard free download is a must read – you can download this report bottom right on this blog page. Last weekend Jonathan Foyle writing in the Financial Times Weekend (see full articles links below) gave some insights into “how to buy a vineyard.” Foyle was given the exclusive for the FT first but since the public launch we have had a terrific response from the press... Read More
多年来,Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes一直坚守一个信念:“将波尔展现给全世界,将全世界展现在波尔多面前”,随着我们近几年越来越多中国籍或亚洲籍买家的出现,使得我们更加坚定了这个信念。李莉娟(Li Lijuan)将负责酒庄收购项目针对中国买家的公关及沟通等相关部分的工作,以确保我们的中国客人能够享受到我们一直以来提供的专业化待遇和咨询。李莉娟在波尔多已工作居住了5年,精通英语、法语、中文并持有红酒管理与市场营销的硕士后学位,并曾亲自参与了一桩影响力较大的中国买家在波尔多的酒庄收购案。Karin Maxwell曾在2008年被波尔多商务部邀请加入代表波尔多在Vinexpo(世界规模最大的葡萄酒行业展会)的委员团队。由此可见波尔多正努力将葡萄酒产业与酒庄展现给中国... Read More