MSB Vinexpo 2013 – Vineyards by Christies
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The horrific weather certainly put a damper on the wine faithful attending the 2013 Vinexpo last week June 17th to 20th inclusive. There were rumblings too about the high costs of having a stand at the annual international wine fair hosted in alternate years here in Bordeaux. And yet the event was busy and as professional as ever with a strong turn out from the global wine regions.

VinexpoWhile the weather seemed to be the first topic of conversation as the Bordeaux vineyard owners lamented the 2013 vintage worrying that there would not be enough sun to underwrite a strong vintage. Chinese interest in Bordeaux continues to be a strong topic of conversation and it is clear that by the end of 2013 there will be at least another ten purchases completed with Chinese buyers The Chinese wine tariff debate also occupied some discussion in the colourful avenues inside the exhibition centre at the Bordeaux Lac – although most that we spoke to were not concerned since it looks more likely that any tariffs that are implemented will be on wine over €20.00.

VinexpoFor us it was an opportunity to join forces with our colleagues from Christie’s Wine under our new collaboration know as Vineyards by Christies. Key to us here in Bordeaux is the newly appointed Bill Blatch who will be representing this region for Christie’s Wine. Anthony Hanson and David Elswood were joined by their international teams: Per Holmberg from New York, Michael Ganne from Paris and Geneva with Tim Tiptree and Noah May from London. For vineyards we had Celine Jankowski, Li Lijuan, Karin Maxwell and Michael Baynes.

VinexpoWhile our main focus was the promotion of the new Vineyards by Christie’s service, equally important is the launch of the “signature cellars” on line service in France from the 13th to 25th June 2013 at

For Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes it was a huge success. Being able to network with so many members of the wine, winery and vineyard community in one place is invaluable not to mention efficient. Our presence also allowed for us to meet some serious buyers from the international community, but predictably most of all the Chinese. The high point for us was the interview with CNN. Michael received a call from them on the morning of the final day. We met up just after lunch and answered questions about the winery buying process, the Bordeaux vineyard market, vineyard pricing and of course the on-going interest from Asia.

VinexpoNext year it is back to Hong Kong for Vinexpo – a little further for us than Bordeaux, but with the on-going interest in Bordeaux vineyards for sale from our Asian friends it will certainly be on the agenda.