Cognac and its secret gardens
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IMG_0128Cognac and its secret gardens.

France remains one of the most visited countries in the world and for good reason. It is so geographically big that outside Paris and Nice even in the height of summer it rarely feels crowded. The climate is delightful and the tourist infrastructure is as good as it gets.


One of the best kept secrets of France is the Cognac region with its rolling hills and stunning vineyards it offers travelers and residents alike a jewel to explore. We are enthusiastic about the real estate of Cognac and the many wonderful things to do in the region including the Chaigne Gardens.

Cognac and its secret gardens

The Chaigne Gardens are located at the heart of Grande Champagne vineyards, near the city of Cognac in arguably the most attractive region of Cognac in the Charente. The hillside vineyards surrounding the gardens will remind some of the landscapes of Tuscany which is why this particular area of Charente is often referred to as “the little Tuscany”. Beauty in very corner!


Labeled “Outstanding Garden of France” in 2009 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the gardens are open to visitors (by appointment only) even though the estate is privately owned. The gardens offer visitors the chance to discover different atmospheres, from the formality of the gardens “à la française” to the harmony of boarders and flowerbeds “à l’anglaise”.

Cognac and its secret gardens

The gardens include a decorative vegetable garden and another one for production – both producing vegetables and red fruits of the property. For those with a “green thumb” it is an inspiration and overflowing with ideas to take home.


There is also a varied orchard where the trees are mature and perfect examples of their species including cherry, apricot, apple and almond. Further on, one can find a second walnut orchard with over 20 trees in production, with apple and pear.


The gardens feature many remarkable trees: tulip tree, red oak, boxwood trees and a 100 year old hackberry. Also, one can spot many maples, beech ash and linden.


May be the most spectacular elements of the gardens is the “green theatre” (which can accommodate up to 400 people) and the “water path” (powered by a pump in a closed circuit). Further on, a small decorative pond is an invitation for contemplation.


Twenty minutes from Cognac and Angouleme, an hour from Bordeaux and La Rochelle, the Chaigne gardens are a haven of peace, calm, serenity and beauty that shouldn’t be missed. Cognac is not often spoken of beyond its famous beverage however, increasingly people are discovering the amazing landscapes and real estate in the Cognac region.