My personal infatuation with the city of Bordeaux started 10 years ago. Read More
Why is Bordeaux looking so good? The Rothschild family are of course well acquainted with Bordeaux vineyards Read More
上次在发表了《为什么选择投资波尔多酒庄》这篇文章之后,陆续接到很多对酒庄投资收购有兴趣的朋友的邮件。有一位叫Luc的先生问到这样一个问题:“酒庄收购是很容易的,只要有钱,我卖了香港的一套别墅就可以在波尔多买个酒庄了。问题是我一个中国人跑到法国去买酒庄,语言不通,当地法律不懂,隔行如隔山的庄园管理问题又怎么解决?听说一些中国人过来买酒庄亏本经营,如果运营不好,拿在手里就是一个烫手的山芋,以后要想转卖又怎么办呢?” Read More
经常看到新闻上讲富豪们斥资上千万或者上亿人民币购买葡萄酒庄,很多人不禁要问买酒庄这么新兴的投资项目为什么现在这么火热,今天我们就来聊聊波尔多酒庄投资为什么那么吸引人。 Read More
When buying residential property in another country there are many aspects in the buying process which will be different to what you are used to in your domestic market. Securing Finance for a property acquisition in France is one such area where the process and products may be different. (Vineyard financing is viewed as a commercial loan and will be treated differently to residential loans but please contact us for more information on this subject) Read More
With a wine history as long as Bordeaux’s there are a wide variety of architectural styles and influences. Vineyards evoke a feeling of grandeur and French lifestyle “par excellence” but for most of the 2000 year history of Bordeaux,vineyards Read More