Bordeaux Vineyards 2014 Primeur. At about this time (March) every year the Bordeaux vineyards release Read More
On 22 December 2014 Guy Collins writing for Bloomberg Businessweek Read More
Birot sells to singing Chinese Billionaire. It is not often that we have the freedom to openly speak about Read More
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There was a moment there in July when the Bordeaux chateaux and wine community were bracing themselves for another poor vintage. Nothing could compare with the horrors of 2013 which combined a cold spring Read More
继前段时间被炒的沸沸扬扬中国企业用公款买酒庄的事情,波尔多的酒庄收购又被推到来一个风头浪口。迄今为止,中国企业与私人在波尔多已经收购了94家酒庄,占实际波尔多6150家酒庄(这个数据是指带葡萄园,生产车间及城堡区的酒庄)的2%不到。 Read More
Tuesday morning at VinExpo 2014 saw Karin Maxwell as a keynote speaker together with Ernst & Young and the SAFER all addressing the purchase process for buying a Bordeaux vineyard. Read More
Our vineyard clients often ask us questions about various statistics and sizes regarding the Bordeaux winery market. It is clear to us that there is no definitive source with guaranteed accuracy since we have observed that no two sources agree exactly. Using CIVB, Wikipedia, the web and various books from our office library we have however, tried to compile some answers to common questions. Read More
上次在发表了《为什么选择投资波尔多酒庄》这篇文章之后,陆续接到很多对酒庄投资收购有兴趣的朋友的邮件。有一位叫Luc的先生问到这样一个问题:“酒庄收购是很容易的,只要有钱,我卖了香港的一套别墅就可以在波尔多买个酒庄了。问题是我一个中国人跑到法国去买酒庄,语言不通,当地法律不懂,隔行如隔山的庄园管理问题又怎么解决?听说一些中国人过来买酒庄亏本经营,如果运营不好,拿在手里就是一个烫手的山芋,以后要想转卖又怎么办呢?” Read More
Tell us a little about you and how did your love of wine start? I discovered wine as a student – that’s when my horizons really broadened. My wine experiences before then had, I suspect, been fairly typical of many British families in the 1970s. Wine only came out once per week, for Sunday dinner, and never any other time. And it was always big brand Riesling from Germany, marketed under names such as Black Tower and Blue Nun... Read More