Best Bordeaux Real Estate Agents
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Best Bordeaux Real Estate Agents

At Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes we have never wanted to build an empire – the goal from our inception almost ten years ago was to build a small group of experts that really know their market and can provide outstanding Bordeaux real estate agency service to local and international investors.

Our commitment to provide the best Bordeaux real estate agency service and the reputation we have established as real estate agency market leaders in South West France has attracted some of the best Bordeaux luxury real estate agents in the Bordeaux region and South West France. This summer we expanded into the coastal area of the basin d’Arcachon with the arrival of Jean-Paul Bonheme and Nicolas Macon – known to us as the Bordeaux “beach boys.” Their region covers the luxury Bordeaux real estate of Arcachon, Cap Feret and Le Pyla.Best Bordeaux Real Estate Agents

The Bordeaux “beach boys” join a seasoned team of Bordeaux region luxury real estate agency experts overseeing key strategic real estate markets across the South West FranceBest Bordeaux Real Estate Agents

Christophe Chassin oversees the Cognac territory with one of the most impressive inventories of outstanding French Chateaux for sale we have seen. Having started his career as a Bordeaux real estate agent he moved closer to his home region of Cognac to make the most of his lifelong contacts and local expertise. _n3c8293-copyJean-Christophe Servant has served the luxury real estate markets of the Gironde for more than 15 years and has a remarkable command of the ownerships of key properties of the Libourne real estate region. Jean-Christophe is based in Libourne with Marie Gaudefroy and works closely with Celine Jankowski also in Libourne, our marketing expert for the launching the prestigious Saint Emilion Golf course residential project this year.

Kirsten Pollard oversees one of the most beautiful regions in France located around the DordogneBest Bordeaux Real Estate Agentsheartland of Sarlat. Kirsten has quickly established herself as the market leader in her territory and dominates luxury real estate in Dordogne transactions.

Beatrice Blanchy is our oldest serving team member having joined us just a few months after we launched to lead our luxury sales in the city of Bordeaux. Bordeaux luxury property is a very specific market and although it is changing rapidly it remains very specialised with an emphasis on long standing personal relationships.Best Bordeaux Real Estate Agents

Last but not least Li Lijuan – “Lily” leads our China desk. Lily is a vineyard expert and as a Chinese national she navigates us through the important nuances in culture between Europe and China. She is a public relations genius and has a knack for being at the centre of all the Bordeaux vineyard news media.Best Bordeaux Real Estate Agents


The company has grown and will continue to grow, however, we remain committed to our original wish to remain small and provide outstanding local expertise as Bordeaux real estate agents in our local markets.