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Karin Maxwell
Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes: Founder and Partner

Karin Maxwell is an expert in French luxury real estate and Bordeaux vineyards. As Executive Partner (and holder of a Carte Professionnelle) of Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes, Karin’s knowledge of local wines, individual houses, estates and vineyards is unparalleled and has attracted international clientele, the press and distinguished business partners for over 25 years.

Karin is involved in all Maxwell-Storrie-Baynes’ transactions including chateaux and vineyards for sale in all Bordeaux appellations. She is fully-bilingual and integral in all aspects of the transaction process, bringing a particular expertise in leadership of the company in the areas of French law and real estate contracts. Her longstanding personal network and reputation in the Bordeaux community contribute to the sourcing and sale of some of the finest Bordeaux real estate.

Karin began her career in the UK where she formed a successful wine importing company, and thus developed an intimate knowledge of the wine industry. Moving to France in 1994, she changed her focus to luxury property sales and began work as an estate agent with Agence Picon in Creon, where she quickly took a leadership role and expanded their business to include international clients.

Having built her client base and gained invaluable experience in the Entre-deux-Mers, Karin moved to the city of Bordeaux where she worked as an independent agent with Sodif Immobilier before forming her own company, Maxwell Properties, in 2006. Recognizing her local and international reputation, Knight Frank appointed her as their representative for the Gironde region. Shortly thereafter she strengthened her market position further by merging her operation with Douglas Storrie and Michael Baynes. This brought about an expansion of her vision and increased coverage of the important new markets and strategies.

Throughout her career, Karin has demonstrated effortless people skills, a competitive spirit, and a generosity that often goes well beyond the call of duty.

A keen tennis player and skier, Karin is also well-travelled and has spent time in Canada and the US, where she earned her professional Tennis Registry Diploma. Her travels have taken her to Hong Kong, South Africa and New Zealand, but her heart belongs to the vineyards at her home near Rauzan which she shares with her Bordelais husband, Nicolas.


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